“What’s Holding Me Back?”
Assessment & Debrief

  • Is imposter syndrome keeping you stuck at a certain level in your career?

  • Have you ever caught yourself wishing you could move to the next level but instead find yourself staying in the same role because it’s safe or comfortable? 

  • Have you ever wished you could break out of this rut but don’t know where to start?

If this is you, it’s time to take the “What’s Holding Me Back?” Assessment. 


During the debrief, you’ll find out why:

  • You’re unsure about what’s holding you back or how to overcome these blocks.

  • You rationalize staying in the same role though you really want to get promoted and earn more money. 

  • You complain about not getting promoted but don’t take steps to make it happen. 

  • Plus, many other insights based on your individualized results. 

You’ll receive answers to these questions and an initial game plan for shifting into action… in under an hour.

Recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 assessment for understanding strengths and weaknesses, this assessment breaks down your most dominant thought patterns and sorts them into Seven Levels of Consciousness. The results reveal your default behavioral patterns in everyday situations and in stressful situations and give you ways to consciously create an entirely new playbook for your life and career.

It includes:

  • 20-minute online assessment
  • 10-page customized report
  • 60-minute debrief session with Lorie to review your results and discuss the insights this assessment provides. 

The investment for this assessment is $297. The results will change how you view your career and the world and help you understand what’s holding you back.

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